CSPer Alternative

Build your Content-Security-Policy automatically. Monitor your Client-Side for security threats.

Client-Side Security and Monitoring Platform

Why choose RapidSec over CSPer?

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RapidSec Free Plan has 5X quota.


👉🏼 Free Plan

👉🏼 CSP Log Proccessing

👉🏼 Basic Content-Security-Policy Builder

👉🏼 Advanced Content-Security-Policy Builder

👉🏼 Basic CSP Analytics

👉🏼 Advanced CSP Analytics

👉🏼 Basic Threat Detection

👉🏼 AI Threat Detection

👉🏼 Cross-Team Project Management

👉🏼 Alert Notifications

👉🏼 API Acceess

👉🏼 Dynamic Environments

👉🏼 Unlimited Websites


👉🏼 Custom Report-Uri Endpoint

Coming Soon

👉🏼 Basic Support

Paid Only

👉🏼 Expert Zoom Support

👉🏼 Dedicated Enterprise Account Manager

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