Security Headers Scanner

Get a full analysis of your security headers. Understand how to easily improve it. Analyze protection coverage from CSRF, XSS, Clickjacking, Formjacking & more.


Get your auto Content-Security-Policy now

Analyze & Improve your Security Headers in just 4 steps:

Step 1: Scan your site

Simply paste your site URL.

Simply click on “Run” and your full Security Headers analysis is on it's way.


Step 2: Understand your Security Headers strength and bypasses

Get your Client-Side security posture analysis. Understand how strong your Security Headers are against XSS, CSRF, Clickjacking, Formjacking, Information Leakage and other Client-Side threats. See a detailed report for each and every Security Header & CSP directive, and understand how to manually improve them. In step 3, you will improve it automatically, rather than manually.


Step 3: Integrate your Security Headers

If your site is based on either Wordpress, Node.js, Firebase or Netlify, you can use our automatic Microagent option.
Just choose your stack and follow the instructions.

Otherwise, you can integrate by deploying an HTTP header snippet, generated by RapidSec. Choose your stack and simply copy and paste the HTTP header to your system.

Make sure you visit your page once to let RapidSec process your initial CSP Security Header reports.


Step 4: Use the Security Manager to generate your CSP Security Header based on the incoming traffic reports

Automatically create a strong CSP Security Header suited for your application. See your new CSP violations quickly from the dashboard and easily allow or dismiss them by CSP directive.

Don't worry if you're new to building CSPs - RapidSec has you covered with explanations of each directive and built-in best practices!

Once you’ve finished reviewing the suggestions in the Security Manager, click on Build CSP and repeat Step 1 to deploy your newly updated Content-Security-Policy.


Content-Security-Policy made easy

Monitor the CSP reports coming from your Client-Side. Get real-time alerts on new assets being loaded in your site, and to identify potential attacks with visibility on suspicious events occurring on your user's browsers. Analyze the data with RapidSec's powerful analytics reports and dashboards.